About Therapy

"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength"

– Sigmund Freud

Although the quote above is commonly attributed to Freud there is little, if any, evidence Freud ever said this. It is, rather, a fable written enough times it has become ‘google truth’. I believe this aptly parallels something that happens so often in our lives where we develop beliefs and ways of being in the world that become our ‘truth’.

When these truths, beliefs, ways of being – however we term them – work for us we have a sense of agency, we feel able confident in our ability to cope, we can prioritise that which has meaning for us and we can allow ourselves time to enjoy life and to play. When they don’t, we find symptoms emerging in myriad ways – particularly in regards to our relationship with others and with ourselves: we may experience frequent feelings of anxiety or stress, depression, difficulty in relationships, a feeling of disconnection with ourselves or others, a feeling of hopelessness or powerlessness. These are just some examples of what I believe are symptomatic of beliefs and patterns we have developed that no longer serve us, or perhaps never did.

You may find yourself in the same situation repeatedly or find yourself struggling with something new or unexpected. Whatever it is, therapy offers not only the opportunity for growth and self-discovery but also the possibility for real change. Change does not always come easily and that is why having someone to support and guide you can be invaluable.

I work with clients towards gaining a greater level of freedom and choice. That means that I will work with you to understand the underlying issues that bring about whatever it is you are struggling with – anxiety, stress, depression, binge/compulsive eating etc. I will also work with you on more immediate strategies to manage those symptoms while we work to explore and understand the conflicts (in my experience, at the heart of any issue there is nearly always a conflict) in order to find more creative solutions. I bring empathy and compassion but also challenge to the work because, well, as the saying goes, life is short.

"Time waits for no-one, and it won't wait for me" - Rolling Stones